Lido di Volano

Lido di Volano is the northernmost of the Lidi di Comacchio, and its name comes from an ancient branch of the Po River old flow. It is the closest village to the Po Delta, and therefore very interesting naturalistically.

The beaches, with their sandy shore, are the best for long walks and sunbathing. They are also protected by a large pine forest and look towards the great Po Delta and the Sacca di Goro.

This is the most unspoiled Lido and there is a modern touristic port near the bridge on the Volano small river. Its isolated location and its exposition to the winds and tidal streams enable it to be the reference centerforsports such as kiteandwindsurfing.

Lido di Volano has a 169 hectares pine forest, which is part of a national reserve called Po di Volano. The pinewood stretches for 6 kilometers towards the south, among the residential area, the lake in Lido delle Nazioni and the sea near the place called Bocca del Bianco.

You can alternate a day at the beach and another day having a relaxing stroll in the pinewood with its flora and fauna, on foot or by bicycle.

Lido di Volano is the perfect destination for those people who like being in contact with nature, for water sports lovers and for those fond of bird watching.

Its wide shore has modern seaside resorts and is equipped with facilities for children and for parents: theideal place for a holiday of relaxation and leisure.

Lidodi Volanoisthe place for those who love peace and naturesince it is completely deep in the green of a pine woodplaced behind the beach.

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