Cycle tourism in Comacchio and surroundings, what you need to know

The relationship between the Lidi of Comacchio and cycle tourism is one of the closest you can find, maybe you want to
the extraordinary landscape that surrounds these places, or even simply for the many paths and
tracks available, or how not to mention the surreal and mysterious world that is created in the valley and offers
always that extra stimulus to travel the last kilometer.
If they could indicate dozens of reasons to choose this territory, the fact remains that if you spend
of the time in these fascinating places, you can not help but dedicate some of the time of your holiday to
a bicycle touring itinerary.

When to do it

The best time to discover the meanders of the Po Delta is in the spring, indicatively from March to
the beginning of June, or when the curtain is falling by summer, then from the end of August to the beginning of October.
The territory of the Po Delta Park is very sunny and has few shadow spots, so keep in mind
keep this variable in mind when planning your trip.
If you want to find a bicycle directly on site, you know that it is possible, there are many points
where you can rent a mountain bike to discover the area.

Routes for everyone

Do not forget that the paths are all flat, except for a few ascents of a few meters
will allow you to skirt the banks, canals and spaces of the valleys.
In a few kilometers you can find yourself walking through marshes, woods, canals, reeds, brackish ponds, pine forests and
much more.
For this reason our advice, in case you have children, is to let them live one of the many paths
ring present.
You can admire the majestic white herons, the ashes and the fox ducks, and then how not to mention the
real stars of the itineraries: the flamingos that populate the Comacchio valleys and that, according to what
declared tourist guides of the place, they are more numerous than the human inhabitants of Comacchio.

An itinerary from Lido di Pomposa to Comacchio


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